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FAQ About Chinese Visa Application

Chinese Visa

Frequently Questions in Chinese Visa Application:

1Is Chinese Visa an E-Visa?

No. Currently, Chinese Visas granted in Australia are all PAPER VISA. All applicants need to provide physical valid passport to attach the PAPER VISA.

2) How much validity must the passport have at minimum when submitting the Chinese Visa application?  

When submitting the Chinese Visa application, the passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining.

3) In Australia, can Chinese Visa Application Forms be used universally across different states?

No. In Australia, different states have specific Chinese Visa application forms. Although the content is the same, the barcode in the top right corner varies according to the state. Therefore, you must use the application form from the Chinese Visa Application Centre website for the state where you are applying for the visa.

4) After filling out the Chinese Visa application form on the website, does it mean that the application has been submitted?

No. Completing the Chinese Visa application form on the website does not mean that the application has been submitted. You must print out the completed form and submit it along with the required documents to the designated Chinese Visa Application Centre.

5) How many types of Chinese visas are there, and which one should I choose?

There are 16 types of Chinese Visas, each designed for specific purposes. Please contact Visa Bridge to assist you with Chinese Visa type selection.

6) How long does it take to obtain a Chinese visa after submitting the application?

Under the condition that all materials meet the requirements, it takes four business days for regular service, three business days for express service, and two business days for rush service. Please note that the day of submission counts as the first working day, and the shorter the processing time, the higher the cost.

7) What the Chinese Visa Fees Schedule?

Please use the link below for your reference.

8) What is the relationship between the Chinese Visa Application Centre and Visa Bridge?

The Chinese Visa Application Service Centre is an authorized Chinese visa issuance department by the Chinese government; whereas Visa Bridge is a commercial entity specializing in consultation and assistance services for Chinese visa applications, which you can consider as an agency. Any applicant for a Chinese visa is not required to go through Visa Bridge; you can apply on your own. However, if you encounter difficulties and obstacles in the application process, Visa Bridge is ready to serve you wholeheartedly, helping you to obtain the most suitable Chinese visa to meet your travel needs. Please note that Visa Bridge provides paid services.


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